The Game-Changer Women Needed

One of the areas of the brain that associates with desire and arousal are the entorhinal cortex. A study has shown that women with healthy a libido have their entorhinal cortex light up when they watch erotic video's. When women with a low desire observed, the entorhinal cortex barely flickered. This knowledge is what leads to the breakthrough that helped create Addyi. For a long time, women who suffered from a low sex drive were told the issues were with them. Now, with the proof found by scientist, low libido was recognized as a true neurobiological condition. 

Addyi’s is designed to stop serotonin and help the release of sex-friendly neurochemicals in the brain such as norepinephrine and dopamine. Addyi had initially been an antidepressant with increased libido as a side effect. From there, it repurposed as a drug for female sexual dysfunction. After many rejections by the FDA because of public perception of gender bias. Addyi was finally approved.

Addyi helps build an excellent neurochemical environment. That may lead you to believe your personality changed. Healthy sexual activity reduces stress, and that can leave a customarily stressed person feeling like they are living a different life. It is important to remember that there are many complicated problems for women, and Addyi is by no means magic. However, the best thing about Addyi is that it can open the door to better sex. Addyi lead the way for other drugs like Lybrido, a testosterone-coated tablet. Lybrido contains sildenafil that triggers arousal in the brain and the body. Thanks to Addyi, more medications with improved functions, will be created in the future.

After about four weeks of taking Addyi patients have noticed a shift. Sex becomes less dutiful and more fun. You should find you want to have sex more often than before taking Addyi. Also, many have reported finding sex more enjoyable.

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